NoLimitz was an early intervention programme run between 2015 – 2019 which aimed to divert young people from crime and deviance through positive group activities.  

The project focused on developing young people’s leadership skills through young people leading group activities and 1-2-1 support.   

NoLimitz used Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Motivational Interviewing as methods to develop the participants’ social etiquette, personal responsibility, and relationship with themselves, others and family members.   

NoLimitz also provided young people with the opportunity to take part in Health Is Wealth – sessions of sporting activities including basketball, dodgeball, badminton, and handball games.   


80% (8/10) of young people reported reduced feelings of aggression and anger.  

83% of parents and 71% of educationalists saw young people steadily be able to manage their emotions.  

60% of young people were able to manage their anxiety and stress.  

100% of teachers who are in regular contact with the young people enrolled in the programme observed progress in how they conducted themselves in school.   

10 young people took part in Health Is Wealth.  

The NoLimitz programme helped young people learn how to create new friendships and maintain healthy relationships.  

This project led to the development of Create Change – BANG’s established creative therapy service.