Youth Power

“BANG is a values-based group of organisations that delivers engaging platforms and programmes for young people – focused on ensuring they are healthy, thriving and contributing positively to their communities.”

BANG stands for young people!

BANG develops young people’s personal and professional skills through creative (media) projects. We divert vulnerable, at-risk young people away from crime and negative influences by providing targeted support for them and their families through early intervention programmes that reduce their likelihood of engaging in crime and deviance.   

We build bespoke programmes and services that are made specifically for them – ensuring they can develop their life skills, explore a variety of professions, and can enter a career or area of work of their choice.  

We also provide support services that build resilience and promote emotional and mental wellbeing. 

We know that every young person can learn, and every young person can excel. 

Community Leadership

Invest in YP
Everybody Wins

BANG works with individuals and groups to establish user-led initiatives that address the challenges they face in their communities. 

Jennifer Ogole, CEO of BANG, received an OBE in 2022 for her services to young people

BANG is dedicated to providing young people with programmes and services that develop their personal and professional skills – ready to achieve their goals and lead in their communities. 

BANG is working in partnership with organisations in Brent to establish Picture Palace – a hub for African Caribbean culture and communities.