BANG Edutainment is a youth-focused organisation that values young people, stands for them, and works with them to become community leaders who will build sustainable communities.

We divert vulnerable, at-risk young people away from crime and negative influences by providing targeted support for them and their families through early intervention programmes that reduce their likelihood of engaging in crime and deviance.


A world in which all young people are valued, thriving, and contributing positively to their communities.


Partnering globally to deliver world-class services for children and young people that develop skills for life and careers, and enable them to achieve individual and collective goals – ensuring a sustainable and positive impact for them and their communities.


  1. ONENESS: We share the planet where all life is interconnected, and we are interdependent global citizens.
  2. COURAGE: We stand for young people.
  3. DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: We make sure diverse representation results in activities and projects that meet diverse users.
  4. LOVE: We implement a love and loyalty-based approach to solving community problems and building relationships.
  5. EQUALITY: We treat all young people fairly and are meritocratic in our delivery of services to young people.
  6. BALANCE: We believe balance is key to the work we deliver to improve the lives of young people.
  7. RESPONSIBILITY: We take on the responsibility to improve the lives of young people.
  8. ACCOUNTABILITY: We hold ourselves accountable to the deliverables we set to improve the lives of young people.

The Team

We are a team of highly driven, open, and transparent individuals who work collaboratively to solve social problems by improving the wellbeing of young people through our youth intervention programmes. We work methodically and creatively across all the projects and programmes we deliver from Create Change to BANG Evolution – focused on sharing our knowledge and expertise throughout the process – ensuring young people benefit and have the capacity to lead.

Jennifer Ogole

Founder & CEO, Rastafari

Jennifer is the visionary at the centre of BANG who believes young people should lead in all areas of an organisation and have the platform to share their interests and aspirations.


Jennifer has spent her professional life working with young people – beginning as a youth worker in Stonebridge and later continued to raise young people’s ambitions through the establishment of BANG Radio (currently The Beat London) – engaging them in radio broadcasting and media training.

Uke Agwu

Chief Operations Officer

Uke provides and oversees the organisation’s strategic affairs and operations and ensures that BANG is able to deliver on its mission and vision.

Osumanu Mohammed

Finance Manager

Osumanu crunches numbers at BANG and advises the team on how much we need to quickly make an impact.

Derrick Ogole

Digital Lead

Derrick is methodical and analytical in his approach to delivering digital strategies at BANG. He is data and solution focused which builds a solid foundation for the projects we offer.

Felicia Bhebhi

Projects and Engagement Coordinator

Felicia develops professional relationships with schools, individuals and organisations – ensuring maximum participation from young people in our projects and services.

Clare Barry

Assistant to ELT

Clare is a highly organised asset in the BANG team who focuses on connecting and maintaining the CEO’s communication and development with key stakeholders of BANG.

Amina Meshnuni

Project Officer

Amina is highly creative and effective in developing projects at BANG. She focuses on supporting the management team in delivering positive outcomes for young people.