Learning & Skills

Step UP was a project delivered in 2018 – 2019 that provided support to young people by improving their employability and entrepreneurial skills through positive activities.  

BANG developed workshops in collaboration with young people aged 17 – 24 years old.  

The workshops were designed to meet the expectations of young people with a foundation in proven practical and theoretical practices. 

BANG aimed to increase young people’s confidence and motivation in applying for jobs, build their confidence and overall self-esteem, improve their communication and presentation skills, and develop their employability skills – including their problem-solving, accountability, and digital media skills. 


Participants of Step UP created a product before engaging in the project.   

In the project, participant further developed their understanding of products and how to create product descriptions – increasing their product management skills.  

The young people developed their understanding of financial accounting to manage their cash flow, sales, and profit margins.  

The cohort improved their communication and presentation skills – raising their confidence and ability to sell their product to their target audience.  

The young people also learned the basics of corporate investment and sponsorship – enabling them to have the vital skills to increase capital and raise awareness of their product.