The Dola Bamgboye Foundation (DBF) is an organisation within the BANG network that aims to transform the most vulnerable young people in Nigeria through delivery of mentoring and education programmes – enabling them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

BANG is working in partnership with the Dola Bamgboye Foundation to deliver youth-focused activities in Nigeria.

We are working with the organisation to deliver activities to young people – developing their personal and professional skills – enabling them to make a positive impact and lead in their communities.

Some of the services we are working in collaboration with the foundation to deliver to young people includes mentoring and coaching, creative therapy and financial literacy training.

Working with DBF allows BANG to share knowledge and processes where young people have access to training and resources – providing the most disadvantaged young people with the chance to flourish and succeed.

Our aim is to ensure all services provided by BANG and DBF are accessible both in London and Nigeria as well as able to be replicated anywhere in the world.

Young people are at the centre of the partnership, and we are committed to investing in young people.