BANG has developed Stacks, a financial literacy programme for young people to develop their understanding of money, wealth and value.

When looking at or thinking about money, you may feel a sense of discomfort, a little anxiety, a little stress or disdain for it because of how it’s perceived in society.

However, money is something that we can’t avoid talking about or coming in contact with in our daily lives.

Money allows us to buy and sell goods that make our lives better, and more comfortable and provide us with opportunities.

Learning about money allows us to manage our relationship with it.

1. Manage your Money like a PRO

When you learn about money, you learn how to manage your money budget for experiences you enjoy as well as find ways to resolve financial challenges you may be facing such as owing someone money.

2. Learn how to avoid bad deals

Learning about money teaches you how to recognise a good offer and a bad offer – ensuring you don’t spend more to get less than what you should.

3. Pick contracts that save you money than drain your bank account

Learning about money allows you to learn about contracts – binding agreements that require you to pay a certain amount of money to someone for a period of time. Some contracts can put you in financial turmoil while others can give you a lot of freedom.

4. Gets you thinking creatively

When you learn about money and its purpose, you can think creatively as to how you can create something of value and get paid for that value you provide.

5. Increase your positivity about the future

Your positivity about the future can be affected by the money have and don’t have; however, understanding money can help you navigate how to use your money better.