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RiseUP is a leadership development and entrepreneurship programme that develops local (youth) leaders and initiatives.

Young people undergo an intensive programme where they will discover, develop and utilise the leadership skills that will enable them to build social and creative initiatives and enterprises for their communities.

RiseUP is currently available to residents of the Stonebridge Ward.  

Limited places are available for residents of other areas in the London Borough of Brent. 

RiseUP can also be delivered in schools and community centres for 12 consecutive weeks. 

To register your interest in RiseUP – send your idea in 100 words or less. The chosen will receive £100.

If you are a provider or funder and want us to work in your area:


  • 53 young people engaged in RiseUP.
  • 7 young people engaged in an intensive 2-day leadership and entrepreneurship programme.
  • 4 schools are engaging in the RiseUP programme, including St George’s Catholic School, Newman Catholic College, Stonebridge School, Roundwood School, and St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Junior School.