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BANG is creating the future stars of radio with an 8-week radio programme for young people between the ages of 11–16 years old and living in Brent.

This media programme has been specifically designed for young people who are interested in developing their radio and media skills.

Award Winning Presenter Amanda Star (Host, Voice Over Artist & CEO/Founder of Young Black Shining Star) will be taking the young people through 8 weeks of training – learning the roles of a presenter, content producer, broadcast assistant, social media and content creator plus more.

After the training is completed, the young people will apply their learned radio skills and have their very own LIVE radio show on The Beat London 103.6FM / for 8 weeks – broadcasting to audiences across globe.

BANGIN’ RADIO develops young people’s listening, speaking, audio production and interview skills – ensuring young people become more confident and able to communicate and share ideas with diverse groups of people on a range of topics.

If you are a young person between 11–16 years of age and see your future in radio, fill out the BANG Sign Up Form.

Then, email a one-minute video stating your name, age, your interests and why you want to join the BANGIN’ RADIO programme.