“BANG Edutainment is a values-based and youth-focused organisation with a group of highly committed individuals who deliver engaging programmes and services for young people – focused on ensuring they are healthy, thriving and contributing positively to their communities.”

Jennifer Ogole – CEO of BANG Edutainment

Jennifer Ogole

Founder & CEO

What We Do 

BANG Edutainment is a youth-focused organisation that values young people, stands for them, and works with them to become community leaders who will build sustainable communities.

We divert vulnerable, at risk young people away from crime and negative influences by providing targeted support for them and their families through early intervention programmes that reduce their likelihood of engaging in crime and deviance.  

We build young people’s personal and professional skills through bespoke programmes and services that are made specifically for them – ensuring they can develop their character, explore a variety of professions, and can enter a career or area of work of their choice. 

We believe that every young person can learn, and every young person can excel.