BANG is seeking to develop long-lasting relationships with local businesses and corporations to continue delivering key services to young people and families in Brent and across London.

As an established youth-focused organisation that has been serving local communities for over 22 years, we want to expand and sustain our development and delivery of programmes and services that meet the needs of local grassroots communities.  

We understand businesses are in business to make a profit and we also know that businesses come under a lot of pressure to support those in need.  

Business For Better has been created to provide for profit companies with the opportunity to work with an organisation to deliver engaging but also educational and uplifting programmes that enhance the lives of young people, their families and their communities.  


We aim to engage regularly with young people and their families to support their development – focusing on six key areas of work; health and wellbeing, youth voice and youth leadership, earth and environment, learning and skills, creative arts, and communities, culture and heritage. 

We believe these 6 key areas are essential for life – promoting a holistic development of the young person, their families and their communities.  

We aim to continue engaging with local communities in partnership with local businesses and corporations that offer their support in donations and in kind.  

Donations will support the sustainability and delivery of our services – specifically our ongoing engagement with young people and their families in their local area. 

Support in kind will ensure we have enough volunteers and equipment to provide young people with resources to develop their skills through our project delivery. 

Both avenues of support will facilitate the building of local communities – led by young people who have a say in what activities and opportunities are offered to them and their families. 


  • The outcomes of reaching are focused on creating opportunities for young people and their families so they can build sustainable communities.
  • Young people will learn and develop key skills such as leadership and entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and improve their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Young people will be able to access employment opportunities, education, and take advantage of the partnerships BANG fosters with local and big businesses.
  • Families will be more connected, and parents will report an improvement in their personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of their children.

If you would like to support BANG and its work, contact us by emailing


  • Donate to BANG to support our projects, either through financial giving or the provision of equipment.
  • Offer in-kind services to support BANG’s delivery of projects.
  • Become a long-term sponsor of BANG.